fourth fun

Monday, July 6, 2015

This weekend was a one of those that I wish so bad I could go back to.  Matt was off on Friday and I can't tell you how much Georgia and I loved having him all to ourselves for 3 whole days.  His twin brother and his wife came in town, who also happen to be Gigi's godparents, and we even got an adult-only dinner in there!  Possibly the last for awhile, but nonetheless, it was so nice.  We frolicked on the beach with friends Friday, watched Georgia (dressed as a sailor girl) and my parents (dressed as Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam) ride in our neighborhood parade Saturday morning then headed to the pool with family for some more sun.  To say my little lady was on cloud 9 this weekend is the understatement of the century.  She absolutely adores her aunts and uncles and especially her cousins and I love celebrating with them all.  Sunday we had lunch at my in-laws and a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Oh and we are still on Baby Watch over here.  I turned 39 weeks on Saturday and truthfully I really thought my little man would be here by now.  But hey!  He's comfy I suppose.  But no really... Matthew you can come out now.  Everyone's ready for you.

Hope y'all had a great July 4th!  So thankful for this country we live in.


nicole said...

seriously matthew, get here already!!!!!!! :)

ishhu said...

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