Georgia Grace is 10 months old!

Friday, June 6, 2014

I can't be my sweet baby girl is 10 months old (one week ago today!).  She is slowing changing from baby to toddler right before my eyes....  Oh little one, we love you so!

Weight: G is weighing  somewhere between 20 and 21 pounds! 

Health: She’s a healthy lady praise the Lord.

Sleep: Oh my goodness y'all.  We finally sleep.  Everyone in the house.  I cried it out one night while Matt was out of town and since then she’s been sleeping from 7:30-6 or 6:30.  So I really can’t complain!  Now we are trying to move her bedtime back to around 8 or 8:30 so she’ll sleep later in the morning and so Matt has some more time with her when he gets home from work.  Anyone else have a later bedtime for their baby?  Suggestions?

Social: Oh my y'all she is hilarious.  We have had a few play dates and swim lessons have finally begun!  She loves being around other babies and people in general but she is also pretty content playing by herself if I’m straightening up or making dinner. 

Diet: She’s still doing great on formula and 3 meals a day.  We also do an afternoon snack!  She loves ground chicken!  And she loves kiwi and strawberry but that’s a little harder for her to pick up.   

Clothes: Still in 9-12 months!

Baby Gear Love: She has a walker that she has started using and really likes that (but mama is thinking SLOW DOWN little child!).  My mom also gave her a ton of beach toys that we have yet to take to the beach because she loves playing with them at home!  I finally got a smaller stroller to carry around town which is nice too.

Crying: She’s a pretty happy baby unless she’s tired, bored or hungry!

Likes: She still LOVES her sissy.  She really loves her sippy cup.  She adores swimming yay!  Peek-a-boo is still a huge favorite around here also. 

Dislikes: She hates the vacuum.  It scares her to death.  Can’t even bring it out when she’s around.  Other than that, we’re doing good.

Postpartum:  Feeling good, now I need to start exercising!

Milestones: She is still crawling 100 miles a minute.  She is pulling up on anything and everything and can take steps sideways while holding on.  She’s starting letting go of things while standing but then plops right down.  She says “dada” and “mama” (although mama sounds more like “mamamamamamma).  And sleep!  She is sleeping great!  


Anonymous said...

oh i am so glad she's sleeping well!! the late bedtime works perfectly for our fam. although... we did not choose it, m is just a night owl like her mama ;) [its midnight and she's been asleep... 1 hour! sometimes it gets a little too late too fast haha.] but it makes lots of things easier and more laid back if you ask me! and oooh my gosh, i am still not allowed to vacuum!! you would think i was like killing people before her very eyes. nope. dirty filthy floors!!

Mrs. C. said...

aww she's so adorable! I love that chair! Do you know where you got it?

Britt Fisk said...

She is such a little doll!! I just love the pictures of her peeking over her crib! What a fun age :)

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Doesn't sleep make such a huge difference!?! I hold bedtime sacred most of the time. I'm terrified of things that will mess it up. We had to re-sleep train after we moved, but it was totally worth it to have them sleep through the night. I laughed when I read that you waited until Matt was out of town to cry it out. I did the same thing with Henry. Daddy's are just such softies when it comes to crying. :)

Jessica said...

She's growing to such a little lady! Slow down, little girl. Glad sleep is going good for y'all.

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