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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

thank you Iphone for crazy eyes all around

Someone once told me that having a baby is like watching your heart get up and walk around.  And welp, that pretty much sums it up.  Watching Georgia is like watching my heart.  Her every little move fascinates me and I’m absolutely in love with everything about this sweet baby girl.  However, having your heart walk around this crazy world is petrifying (ok figuratively right now – but she will walk one day!)!  I mean she’s the most precious thing on this entire earth people! 

Since becoming a mom 7 weeks and 1 day ago, I have tried to be reasonable and not be that over-protective, crazy lady.  I’ve done a pretty good job I think (some may beg to differ), but there are times when I want to wrap her in bubble wrap before I take her out trust me.  Well this past weekend one of my sweetest friends said ‘I do’ to the man of her dreams.  The wedding was two hours away and Matt and I decided to make the trip.  So we dropped off our heart and soul at Matt’s parents’ house and drove away.  I cried a lot that day – while getting ready for the wedding, while driving to the wedding, and we almost didn’t go – but we knew she was in the best of hands.  And 8 hours later she was back in my arms – so it wasn’t that long.  Ok it was!

But Margaret Ann, I am so so glad I got to witness your special day.  You were the most beautiful bride in your mama’s gown and you and David both radiated happiness!  Congrats sweet newlyweds – enjoy the honeymoon!



Nicole Shea said...

You look amazing!!! And eight hours is a long time!!!!

Katie Cook said...

You are a beautiful mama and love that girl with a fierce love:) Not to mention a stunning one!!! love you:)

Unknown said...

Awe love this! You are such a good mama! I did the same thing at 7 weeks when I left S. it's hard, but that time away is also so special. Love your words :)

Nicole Marie said...

your dress is beautiful!!

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