Joy in the Pain

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Lately life has been a bit crazy.  Not necessarily super busy – well yes that too – but what’s new right?  It is Christmastime.  But life has been emotionally crazy.  There have been so many highs and lows in the past month or so that my tear glands are standing at attention every minute of the day.  My family has gotten a lot of news lately.  Some very good news, and some very sad news.  Both cuing the tear glands. 

But why?  Lately, I’ve been asking myself, why is God tainting this good time in our life with a negative?  Is it to balance life out?  Is it so I won’t get “too happy?”  Is it because with every good things comes a bad? 
No.  None of those are the answer.  God has taught me a lot lately.  And one of those things that he is consistently reminding me of is simple.  His plan is better than mine.  And guess what smarty pants Nisey?  I’m not supposed to understand it.  Pure and simple.  I cannot comprehend the vastness of his love or the vastness of his Perfect Plan.  And would I want to even if I could?  I drive some more with my new job so I’m constantly jamming out to KLOVE and today the morning show was talking about God’s plan and us trying to take control and understand everything.  And then a caller asked the question,“But would you really want to know everything if you could?”  Boom.  Of course not.  That would take the surprise and the joy out of taking life as it comes. 
So here I go, still trusting that God is good and faithful.  And I don’t know why sometimes with the good comes some bad.  I won’t find that out until I get to Heaven I suppose.  But I think maybe it is to offer some light.  Maybe God uses the good so soften the bad.  Uses the good as a reminder of his love.  And ultimately induce gratefulness.  Of the good and bad of course.  Because without each and every experience in our lives, we would not be the people God called us to be.  We may not be in the relationships we’re supposed to be in.  We may not be able to love who we’re supposed to love.
So that was a lot of rambling today all to say the simple fact that God is good.  And ultimately we have nothing to fear with Him on our side.  Thanks for listening sweet friends – Happy Thursday!

AND PS - Thank you so much for all of the sweet birthday wishes!  I celebrated this past weekend at one of my   favorite restaurants with my parentals, sissy and bro-in-law.  So fun.  And Monday night my sweet hubby took me out to another one of my fav’s.  Perfect birthday.  And I’m feeling pretty good about 27.  I think it’s gonna be a good year…


Kelly S. said...

Love ya lady! Excellent post :)

Kari said...

Lovely post. I've been in the same place lately. CRAZY busy, lots of good news, lots of not so good news, but thank you for the encouragement. Love reading your blog sweet friend :)

Liz Brown said...

The part thats always rough for me is, I can't just say "OK, God, I'm good with whatever!" ... and have it last. It ends up being a daily, sometimes even minute by minute decision. Sometimes it is tiring, you know?

But of course He always gives refreshing times too. Even little bitty ones in the middle of everything else. He knows best :) I really like your blog!

Unknown said...

Wow, such a beautiful, heartfelt post! I definitely needed some of those words today. Continuing to trust on our journeys is sometimes exactly what we are called to do. So glad this is the first post I got to read when coming across your blog, continue writing from your heart you have much wisdom to share!
XOX Angela

Jess said...

That picture makes me miss home so much!!

Unknown said...

I love this post and can echo everything you said. Life is crazy. And God is good. And then we have to remember those things go hand in hand.

Love, The Skinnys

Unknown said...

it's so true - but hard to remember!

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