myrtle beach days

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This past weekend my family and I escaped for a much needed getaway to the Beach Music Capitol.  We went to Myrtle Beach and frolicked with my nephews in water parks and salty air.  Unfortunately, I'm still getting used to bringing my big camera around so I only brought it out on Saturday night.  We went to the best seafood restaurant ever and then walked across the street to an arcade.  
Here are some memories.

"Myrtle Beach days, we'll have some fun in the waves.  I don't care what the West Coast says, cause I love those Myrtle Beach, love those Myrtle Beach days."
-The Fantastic Shakers

hubs and brother-in-law



sweet parents

sissy, charlie, hubs


Sara said...

What a special time with your whole family! Love Myrtle Beach Days :)

Katie Cook said...

Ahhhh these are so great! I would LOVE to visit Myrtle Beach:) Have you seen the old 80's movie called Shag? It takes place there and is such a fun movie. I saw it in 6th grade and ever since then have wanted to go!!! love Katie

BaublesandCocktails said...

Your pictures look awesome!! I'm still getting used to carrying my camera around too...I always regret when I don't have it! Hope you are doing well!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Family beach vacations always bring everyone closer together. Maybe it's something in the salt air? Love the photos!

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